Pretty & The Chicken

I'm Pretty. He's Chicken.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Whoa it's been awhile!

Well, now that the sun is shining most of the day, the people are so busy that I haven't been able to get to the computer. Plus, there are sssooo many sun spots that I have to fully enjoy all of them. Anyhow, I thought I would tell all of you fellow fuzzies about our history with the people. I was born in a shelter. One day stinky and mama walked in and stinky picked me out. I got to go home with them a few days later. They lived in a barn (it was renovated) out in the country. I was alone most of the time during the day, so I got a little lonely. I was so happy to see the mama that I would cuddle with her all the time. She let me knead her neck like crazy and drool all over her. Sometimes, she still lets me do it :) About a month and a half after I was adopted, mama brought home Spike. He came from the shelter, too. It was so nice to have another fuzzy around. Spike and I used to cuddle everywhere we could fit. We used to chase mice around the barn when they would sneak in. Mama and stinky wouldn't let us keep them, though. One day, we moved out of the barn into a house in the suburbs. Boy was it noisy! The house had wood floors which was pretty fun when Spike and I used to play. There were lots of windows, too. There was a school across the street and we would watch all of these little people run around and laugh and be noisy. One time, another cat got into the garage, but it wouldn't let mama or stinky near it. I was sad. I think it just needed some love. Right before our second Christmas, Spike started to get really sick. Mama used to call Spike "pudge" because he had a big belly. Boy did that guy love his food. Well, for a few weeks, Spike stopped eating, even the yummy treats. He didn't move around a lot and he wouldn't play with me. I tried to take care of him and keep him company, but he was really sad. Mama took him to the mean (you'll see why) vet. They told her that it was probably nothing too big and that they could run some blood tests. The mean vet could see that mama was really worried so she talked her into putting a feeding tube into Spike's neck and said that it would solve the problem (and give them tons o' money). So mama left Spike at the vet and the next day they called and said he had leukemia and they had to put him to sleep. I had never seen mama so sad. Mama and stinky got to bring Spike home so I could say goodbye and they could spend some time with him. When they took him back and stuck him with the needle, the mean vet put him in a box like he was trash and gave him back to the mama. Boy was she mad! Well, I did not understand what had happened to Spike and I was very vocal about how upset I was that he did not come home. That is how Jonah came to live with us. Jonah was a little older when mama and stinky found him at the SPCA. I think he must have been treated pretty bad, which would explain why he such a chicken. He doesn't like to talk about it, though, so I don't know the whole story. Mama and stinky made sure that Jonah was tested for leukemia before they rescued him. They had me tested, too, and we both checked out. Now here we are living in a much more quite suburb with lots of windows and sun spots. Well, that's our story!