Pretty & The Chicken

I'm Pretty. He's Chicken.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

So, Stinky calls Mama on the phone as she is parking the car in the garage. Mama has had a LONG day at work and walks in to find the scene above. Mama asks Stinky, "What happened?!?" Stinky plays dumb, of course. Then he blamed the whole thing on Jonah and me! Mama, being the smart cookie that she is, observed the mallet and called the Stinky on it. What a butt head. He definitely is not getting any love from us this week. Mama gets lots of love because she is so smart :)

Saturday, May 20, 2006

This is my sun spot. That Izzy thinks this blog is all about her. Hmph. That cat needs a good swat in the head and I think I'm just the cat to do it! I'll show her. Later. Maybe. I'll sleep on it and see. That new litter box attacked me today! I had just settled in to make a poopy and it started to stretch it's claw out for my butt! And they wonder why I pee right next to the box. Does anyone else have the attacking litter box? Is there a way I can immobilize it? Any tips would be great. I've got to think smarter, not harder. Ok, bye bye!

Friday, May 19, 2006

The Mama and Stinky never let us use the laptop, so it's been a while. After almost a month of beautiful sunshine, it rained today. The Chicken and I have been enjoying our sun spots, but it was cloudy today.

Mama had lots of days off this week so I got to snuggle with her and keep her lap nice and warm. Mama also got us a new place to make deposits. We had two before. The Chicken refused to make his deposits in the same box as me so he started peeing everywhere. They got him his own box, but I decided, "What's yours is mine!" so I made deposits in both boxes. He kept peeing on the wall next to his box, so Mama got this new box. He's open to sharing now. It's very loud, but it's cleaner.

Stinky got this new thing that they keep calling the animal, but it doesn't do anything and has no fur. They keep it locked up in the closet, so I'm a little jealous because that's one of my favorite places. Stinky said he was mad because he found out after he got it that there is a better brand of animal - maybe that's why they keep it locked up. I wish they would buy us a new kitty tower, but Stinky says Mama spoils us too much already. That's why Jonah and I love Mama more.

Well, thanks to everyone for visiting our site! We have to get Stinky to bring the laptop home more often so we can blog more.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Mama stayed home from work today. She seemed kind of sad so I made sure to stick by her side and purr alot. I think she really appreciated that. She told Jonah that he makes her smile. He is kind of silly. Stinky has a shirt that he wants Mama to fix and she left it on her craft table. Well, Jonah has taken quite a liking to it and lays on it every day. It is now covered in his hair. I'm pretty sure that officially makes it his.